10 Years Later

In 9:30 Dragon Age, the first Blight in 400 years raged across Fereldan. At the Battle of Ostagar, the bulk of the Grey Wardens fell, leaving behind only two members —Alistair and the new recruit Feanore Al’ Tir.

Feanore and Alistair set out to end the Blight. Gathering forces among the Dalish Elves and Dwarves to meet for the final battle in Denerim, where Feanore sacrificed himself to kill the arch demon, ending the Blight and setting Alistair on a path to become the new king of Fereldan.

Ten years have passed and Denerim has only now begun to recover from the devastation. The Grey Wardens fight to reclaims their numbers and social standing within the eyes of the people. New guilds and allegiances fight for control of the city.

Entrances to the deep roads still lay open to the city, and the threat of monsters from beneath lingers over the city. Where the Grey Wardens work to dissuade commoners from entering the dangerous Deep Roads, the Reavers Guild entices brave adventurers to enter with the promise of glory and gold.

Many leave the fighting and plundering to the brutes, and turn their eyes to the tenuous relationships ripe for intrigue and shadowy machinations. Gold and power are there for the taking. Rumors have spread that the taint had seeped across King Alistair’s brain, driving him insane. If he remains on the throne, he will open the realm for another invasion from the Orlesian Empire. For many, they rally around their hero king, defending him against those that seek to usurp his claim.

Do you side with the king? Or seek your own designs to pull power away from a mad man? Perhaps your lusts lie with gold and plunder. Does honor drive you to cleanse the deep roads?

Denerim is open to any and all paths. Where does your adventure lead?

This Present Darkness

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