Circle Mage


Circle Mage Level 1

Age : 23 Gender: Male Height: 5’11” Weight: 172 lbs

Speed: 12 Defense: 12 Armor: 0 Health: 26 Mana: 19

Communication: 1

Constitution: 2

Cunning: 3

Dexterity: 2

Magic: 4

Perception: 1

Strength: -2

Willpower: 4

Focuses: Willpower (Self Discipline), Cunning (Arcane Lore)

Talents: Lore (Novice)

Spells: Winter’s Graps, Flame Blast, Rock Armor



Rayland Lothair is eldest son of Bann Daran Lothair a Bann under Arl Ethril. He was discovered to have the talent at the age of 7. Bann Lothair is a hard and devout man. He had little trouble sending his eldest son to the circle for training as mage. It was his duty and the law. Rayland would be stripped of all titles and rights to land that he would have inherited from his father and his younger brother Garrett Lothair would stand as Daran’s heir.

While studying under the Circle of Magi, Rayland developed a talent for Primal Magic and has sought to master that school of magic since. He also has a small talent for Entropy Magic but, he is weak in the other schools of magic. Rayland has always been very quick of mind and studious but lacks the ability to understand that for some people more information is not always best. After passing his Harrowing he was assigned as a mage in the service of Arl Ethril.

Rayland was traveling Marstone when he encountered his current traveling companions. They were traveling to Marstone as well and in the roads are dagerous and frought with peril. Safety in numbers seemed the best approach.


Rayland is an altruistic, good hearted man. He will readily help those in need even if he is put in immediate danger by these actions. He does chafe under the heavy handed authority of the Chantry and the Templars. He feels that the Circle of Magi could be of great use to the land if it was not for the interference of the Chantry. One thing he does not understand is how people react to be given the knowledge of situations. They seem very irrational or even cowardly to Rayland. The knowledge of exactly what you are dealing with should be of some comfort instead of causing panic. People do not seem to understand that if you have knowledge you can discover ways to overcome your obstacles. He simply does not understand the term “ignorance is bliss”.


Rayland’s current traveling companions and his thoughts on them:

Dwarf ‘Bush Beard’ – I had never met a dwarf before but I am unsure if he is normal for dwarves or somewhat of an oddity. He has a strange sense of honor where he does the right thing but then seems to expect some immediate profit from it in one way or another. Overall though he is a very likable fellow and one you would be happy to have on your side in a fight.

Doc ‘Two Ales’ – Doc is very respectable man who travels with a dog named Templar (I now understand the irony of it). He always goes out of his way to help others. He is not much of a combatant but he is there to help with the mending after the battle. I did notice something very strange about Doc. He appears to have a gift with healing magic but no formal training. I have little doubt that he is an Apostate. I am obligated to report him but I feel it would be morally wrong to do so. It appears he moves from place to place using his healing magic to help others. I will watch him closely before making a final decision.

Garrick – He is a cowardly sort. He panics over any danger and he is never shy about sharing is feelings of how we should avoid danger. I wonder if he realizes that he is marching off to battle by joining Arl Ethril in Marstone. He is not the trusting sort and I do not know how far he can be trusted.

Zathrian – Here is a very jaded man. He is an elf with a strong hatred and distrust for all others. His life must have been very difficult. I could never understand the depth of his pain. He is quick to turn every discussion in to a slight against him and his heritage. He is very good in a fight though. He fights with rage rarely seen on the field of battle.


On our road to Marstone we came across a farm. The inhabitants of his farm were all slain in a most gruesome manner. After studying the would I did not belive these wounds were inflicted by any natural beast. Approaching the barn we discaovered a Halla killed in the same manner. At that point in time we were set upon by six blight wolves. Though the battle was difficult we managed to drive them from the area. I belive the fresh nd carnage drew the blight wolves to the area. Upon inspecting the barn we found a daelish elf by the name of Eshara. She was the only survivor. While Doc and I tended to her woulds the others gave a proper burial to the victims (including the Halla of this dreadful attack. When Eshara woke we questioned her to learn that she had escaped from a vengeance demon named Mythallen. She had with her a sliver chain link which she handed over to me. I have not had the opportunity to study it yet but it seems of great importance to what is happening in the area. After the bodies were burried Dwarf ‘Bush Beard’ gathered up what useful supplies could be taken from the farm and placed them in a card along with Eshara and we headed into the village of Vintiver. While explaining to Tarl Dale that it is not Dark Spawn that they face but a vengeance demon (which caused a good bit of panic from him and Garrick; I found this strange), a group of villagers gatherd around wishing us to turn over the injured elf Eshara to the mob for some sort of justice. In order to try and diffuse the situation I attempted to reason with the angry mob and explain to them that the elves were not where their issues lie. Their problems are the result of a vengeance demon and dark spawn in the area. Somehow this just made them blame the elves more. At this time noticed that Garrick had gone missing. It appeared as if he was taking the better part of valor and making himself scarce. The crowd seemed to be growing bored with the act and started to disperse but the blacksmith and his hangers on were not budging. Dwarf ‘Bush Beard’ then came up with what seemed like a terrible idea. He challenged the blacksmith to a drinking contest and the winner takes the elf. I was not about to honor this agreement but I still hoped for a nonviolent end to the spectacle. Dwarf ‘Bush Beard’ proceeded to drink the very large man to unconsciousness. I feel we were very fortunate to leave the situation without further incident. I was able to convince the others of the importance of dealing with this demon and then continue on our way to the Arl’s estate. Tarl Dale offered to look after Eshara while we search for and destroy this demon. We woke the elf and received a crude map and directions to where we should begin our search. Early in the morning we set off on our mission only to notice numerous men following us. It seems the blacksmith wanted to regain his lost honor and convinced a group to ambush us. We convinced most of them that they were better off heading home. The ones that stayed quickly fled after the blacksmith felt the touch of Winter’s Grasp and Zathrian ran him through. Even though his death was unfortunate I feel it was probably for the best. He had a hatred for the elves that was beyond reason. Eventually we found the deserted Daelish camp. There were no bodies. It appeared they had all been dragged off. With nothing useful at the camp we tracked the drag marks further into the forest. This eventually led us to a chasm with a large tree fallen across it creating a natural bridge. Dwarf ‘Bush Beard’ started across the bridge when we were attacked by numerous dark spawn tainted birds. We made short work of these beasts and crossed the chasm with ease (aside from a few near falls from the dwarf). Further into the valley we discovered a ruined temple that we believe to be the demon’s lair. We descended into the ruins only to be attacked by skeletons. We were able to make short work of them as well. We started to venture further into the ruins when the dwarf sprung a trap and a number of rusted metal objects fell on his head slightly injuring him and causing a loud noise, so much for surprising the demon. As it turns out the demon was not at home. We the dalish clan that was taken by the demon. The elves informed us that the demon left to attack Vintiver. We used an elven guide to help expidite our trip so we would be in time to save the village. The village was in flames when we arrived and we quickly located teh demon. We discovered that the [:silver link] could be used as a potent weapon against the demon. Using the link we were able to subdue the demon and save what was left of the town. The towns people were pretty ungrateful towards us even though we saved their lives. Tarl Dale threatened and scolded us for the death of Coalan who had earlier tried to kill us. Tarl Dale and I exchanged heated words and after delivering a final warning to the town leader we were off to our original destination. That town and the idiots who run it will not last long with war approaching and I can honestly say good riddance. So much for helping people in need.

To be continued…


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